Tuesday, 9 August 2011

The path to becoming a published author starts...NOW!

Greetings Earthlings and welcome to my first blog post. I figured that since I want to become a published writer, I best set some time aside to practice publishing...and writing. Makes sense, no?

My name is Christina Esdon and I have many book outlines, mostly in the contemporary romance category and women's' fiction (or chick-lit) written. I have finally decided to take the plunge from causally writing things down in journals and notebooks (yes kids, people used to write using things called 'pens' and 'paper') to typing out my novels and getting them published.

This whole process seems daunting at times, so I decided to do two things: 1) Read up on the publishing process and 2) Just get writing!!

To get things started on the right foot (which is actually the left foot in my world), last weekend I read successful sci-fi author Michael R. Hicks' guide to self-publishing aptly titled, 'The Path to Self-Publishing Success' (shown left). It was an informative and entertaining read. Because of his easy to read writing style and his humorous nature, I felt less overwhelmed and ready to, as Nike says, 'Just Do It'. I'm taking some of his advice right in the moment by starting up a web page or blog so that you, the reader, can know what I'm up to, get to know me better, and in the end discover that I'm sweet, and funny, topped with a bit of nuts. Is it working?

So while I'm developing my 'publishing muscle', it's also important that I actually write something so that I can publish it! Who knew? I'm working on taking the outline from one of my novels and put it into coherent sentences and flowing paragraphs which will hopefully dazzle and entice you to no end. :o)

The working title for my first novel is 'Robbed Time'. There will be romance, suspense, humour and lots and lots of music as the main character is an up and coming classical pianist. I'll be using this space to blog about the process of writing this book, highlighting other authors whom I've come to know, or whose books I enjoy reading, and other things related (or not-so related) to being an author, writing, and books.

While I don't want to show all of my tricks at once, I will tell you a bit more about myself should you be interested.
1. I'm Canadian and I openly admit that I do say 'eh'. But not all the time. I use it appropriately in sentences. For example, "That Tim Horton's makes a good cup of coffee, eh?" :o)
2. I name inanimate objects. My car. My laptop. But not my Crock-Pot. That would just be weird.
3. When I'm not writing, I enjoy pretending I'm a Canadian version of Martha Stewart and try (with limited success) to make everything myself. This is a work in progress. So far, the I have a kitchen drawer that is overflowing with newly knitted dishcloths and a garden overrun with wild raspberries. Baby steps, right?

Many thanks for popping by my blog. I promise more updates on 'Robbed Time' and, of course more romance, laughter and fun!

Hope you pop by again soon,


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